Heidelberg Materials Devnya JSC, part of Heidelberg Materials Group, is committed to the sustainable development and places care for energy and climate in the center of its management practices and corporate culture. Acknowledging the need for dynamic contribution to save energy and energy sources and in particular fossil fuels, the Company considers that coordinated effort is necessary as a major challenge in the future. There is no longer a choice between economic growth and environmental protection. They are interdependent and if we do not make sure that we have both we risk losing them. Cement is the most consumed commodity in the world after water. It is a critical component but it is energy intensive.

Heidelberg Materials Devnya JSC plays a critical role in thermal and electrical efficiency in order to maintain sustainable development and in particular,  we are making the commitment to: 

  • Тake action to reduce energy consumption and increase energy efficiency, both in terms of operations and supply chain, while at the same time create product that support energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings;
  • Mitigate energy consumption and increase the use of alternative renewable energy sources;
  • Continuously improve energy industrial performance;
  • Develop projects for  improvement of energy performance as production, facilities management and innovation to be in line with them;
  • Invest in projects aimed at increased use of carbon-neutral alternative fuels and raw materials, and explore options for reducing the carbon footprint during the processes;
  • Inform our personnel on the ongoing preventive measures for excessive energy consumption;
  • Involve all employees of the Company to reduce their energy and carbon footprint and move towards sustainable mobility while maintaining their well-being and comfort;
  • Attain our policy's objectives by ensuring relevant information and proving the required material and human resources;
  • Consider energy consumption as a focal point in equipment;
  • Capitalize on the company's and Heidelberg Materials Group know-how and the available state-of-the-art technology aimed at reduced energy consumption technology;
  • Further improvement of the plant's energy consumption regarding  pet-coke or coal combustion in the kiln and electricity in various machinery;
  • Adhere to the Bulgarian and European Legislation and other local or sectoral agreements concluded by the Company or the Group on the use of energy.  


Alternative fuels