Heidelberg Materials Group subsidiaries in Bulgaria – Heidelberg Materials Devnya JSC and Heidelberg Materials Vulkan JSC work to ensure and continually improve the quality of its products, processes and servicesAll Group activities are performed in accordance with its core values, established procedures, market needs and regulatory requirements.

The application of a systematized approach is a key issue in process management aimed at meeting quality requirements, by creating value throughout the product lifecycle and building relationships with customers and suppliers.

The companie's mission is to create value for its shareholders - including employees, customers, suppliers and the community in which it operates, while protecting their interests. 


  • Continually improve the quality of the products and offered services, in conformity with the applicable legislation;
  • Deliver products conforming to the regulatory requirements of a legislative or other relevant authority;
  • Fully comply with customers’ needs and expectations;
  • Provide technical assistance to customers and offer solutions upon occurrence of any problems;
  • All actions shall be in accordance with the objectives concerning Environment and Safety at Work;
  • Constantly apply high standards to improve the efficiency of business processes management;
  • Train and motivate the staff, turning Quality into a core element of corporate culture;
  • Use quality management procedures and tools in accordance with applicable standards and regulatory legislation;
  • Take reasoned decisions based on analysis and evaluation of data and information;
  • Promote wide participation of the staff by emphasizing on planning and prevention as key components for quality improvement;
  • Regularly announce the Quality Policy and company’s achievements in order to ensure broad support and understanding.




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