Devnya Varovik

DEVNYA VAROVIK: 10 years without an occupational accident

On 15.02.2023, an official ceremony was organized in "Devnya Varovik" on the occasion of the achievement of "10 years without an occupational accident", which the Company achieved on 27.12.2022. "Devnya Varovik" is a joint-stock company in which the majority owners with equal share (50% : 50%) are "Devnya Cement" AD and "Solvay Sodi" AD.
The event was attended by Mr. Mihail Polendakov, Executive Director of "Devnya Cement" AD, Spiros Nomikos, Executive Director of "Solvay Sodi" AD, the Executive Directors of "Devnya Varovik" - Mr. Teodor Petsov and Mr. Jean Paul Sikar , the entire team of "Devnya Varovik" and external companies, as well as other representatives from "Devnya Cement" AD and "Solvay Sodi" AD.
During the event, a Certificate of Honor was presented in recognition of all those who contributed to this remarkable success. The management congratulated all the workers for their dedicated work during these 10 years and appeals to each worker to approach with responsibility and self-awareness to comply with the rules of health and safety in the performance of daily work tasks.
According to tradition, the Champion of Safety Award for 2022 was also presented. The award went to Valentin Bukurov, Schlosser at "Devnya Varovik" for individual contribution to improving safety and health at work.

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