DEVNYA Premium CEM at the base of a statuette for the "Bulgarian Architectural Awards"

The Bulgarian Architectural Awards competition, organized by the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria (CAB), aims to promote the most valuable architectural projects in Bulgaria, to distinguish their authors – the architects and the uniqueness of their idea, with an emphasis on the quality of architecture, aesthetics, and innovations used.

This year, 46 participants took part in the competition, 15 finalists of which were selected with projects illustrating the architecture in Bulgaria, which were judged live by an international jury in order to give an objective assessment of the Bulgarian architecture. The winners were awarded with a special statuette of concrete made by cement produced by Devnya Cement.

The author of the statuette is the sculptor Stefan Ivanov, who won a competition in 2018 for project of awarding prizes that are bestowed at the architectural competition organized by CAB. The concept of the project envisages the statuette to be made of visible concrete, since it is the material most widely used in architecture, except glass and metal, the author says. He has begun experimenting with the three materials by looking for a non-standard effect. Ultimately, the concrete, as a foundation for every construction and one of the oldest building materials, has taken precedence and the author has convinced himself that it is sufficient to achieve the desired effect. Combined with the well-balanced CAB logo, the statuette is associated with a high, stable, roofed structure. Each year a different statuette is made, depending on the figures of the respective year, which makes it a unique award, symbol of sustainability in the time.

With regards to the elaboration of this year's statuette, the sculptor appealed to the assistance of Devnya Cement advised by the architect Martin Hristov, Deputy chairman of CAB, who have visited the plant's production base and have been impressed by what he saw. He got in touch with the Brand Manager Mrs. Rayna Miteva, who was pleased to advise him and provide him with the necessary technical assistance for the cement he uses – DEVNYA Premium CEM - CEM II / A - LL 42.5 R.

During the BNT broadcast Kultura.BG on May 31st, 2019, the statuette was 16 minutes on air and decorated the table in front of the guests in the studio invited on the occasion of 2018 Awards.

For Devnya Cement, this is another proof that cement is not only the foundations of all buildings, infrastructure facilities, roads, etc., but also inspiration, a foundation that is sustainable in time, and a reward for the best work done with the thought of harmony and reliable integration with the environment.

In the process of work, Stefan Ivanov says that he has tried different types of cement by most of the major producers and importers in the market, and the results he has been looking for have been achieved with Devnya Cement products.