Bulgarian cement in Antarctica

Bulgarian cement for construction activities in Antarctica

On December 27, 2022 the first in the maritime history of Bulgaria, the military research ship "St. St. Cyril and Methodius".
The ultimate goal of the scientific research ship is the Bulgarian polar base "St. Kliment Ohridski" on Livingston Island. The ship's crew consists of 26 people headed by the second rank captain Nikolai Danailov.
The ship also carries special sulfate-resistant cement provided by the largest cement plant in the country - Devnya Cement AD. It will be used to build the pedestal-type foundations of the new building in the Bulgarian polar base, which will function as a laboratory.
Devnya Cement AD has been developing special cements for years, suitable for use in aggressive environments, through which it manages to participate in various non-standard projects.

"Delivering cement for the Bulgarian polar mission in Antarctica seemed to us an interesting challenge, which we accepted with enthusiasm. Working in such an environment requires both excellent professional skills and high-quality materials. We are grateful for the invitation to provide our cement for this interesting project," commented Mihail Lazarov, Commercial Director of Devnya Cement AD.

Construction activities will begin after the cargo arrives on Livingstone Island and will be completed in several months, until the end of the mission. The head of construction activities is Oleg Vasilev, one of the recognized Bulgarian concrete specialists.