Devnya Cement with special award from local authorities

At a special ceremony for the 50th anniversary of the Municipality of Devnya, Devnya Cement received the recognition for the good work between business and local authorities. In his speech, Mr. Svilen Shitov, Mayor of Devnya Municipality, thanked and honored the plant as "Supporter of the Year 2018".

On behalf of the company, the award received to Mr. Stoyan Shterev, Commercial Director, who was often the official representative of Devnya Cement during social and social initiatives during the last years.
“It is an honor and a privilege to receive this recognition on behalf of the largest cement producer in Bulgaria, which in 2018 celebrates its 60th anniversary. The initiatives we support and take part in are seen as a mission that often involves our employees with great enthusiasm. " - said Mr. Shterev after the ceremony.

Some of the most memorable initiatives in recent years are the creation of professional classes at the school in Devnya together with Agropolychim, Solvay Sodi and the Municipality of Devnya. Supporting the municipality to build alleys around the stage at “Razsadnika” Park, where the ceremony and concerts on the occasion of the anniversary took place. Creation of a children's museum "The Road of Waste" in the town of Devnya, which aims to train children from 1st to 5th grade through games, why it is important to properly utilize the waste we produce and many others.

Other companies from the region also received honorable mentions and the ceremony, as well as all the organized events, once again showed that Devnya Municipality is one of the fastest growing small municipalities in Bulgaria and a good example of mutual cooperation between business and local authorities.

The mayor together with the Commercial Director of Devnya Cement during the local school concert that the cement plant hosted.